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Paid Internship with our Present & Forthcoming Ventures for Benefits of Suryadatta Group of students and staff. 

Paid Internships at Surydatta Group of Institutes is aimed to inculcate in the students the value of dignity of work and the right aptitude. Students are assigned specific projects under the supervision and mentorship of a designated faculty. These projects could be related to institutional areas such as carrying out green audit or safety audit of the campus, training the non-teaching staff in certain IT Skills, managing the cafeteria of the Institute or developing a social media campaign for an institutional event etc.. Students may also be assigned office work, technical work, field work, sales and outreach projects work or work from home opportunities depending on availability at that particular time.  

Through Paid Internships, the students pick up several soft skills, business skills, technical skills, social skills and the right values to make a career in one of the 7 pillars pathways. Voluntary institutes of Suryadatta Group of Institutes offer various such opportunities. Suryadatta offers Live Projects, Work from Home, Learn from Home opportunities and virtual Internships for its students and also for other students through its associate ventures having presence across India and globe with over 1000 Regional Associate Professionals. 

  • Suryadatta Institute for Banking and Finance (SIBF)
  • Suryadatta Insurance Academy (SIA)
  • Pune Institute of Risk and Portfolio Management (PIRPM)
  • Pune Institute of Treasury Management (PITM)
  • Suryadatta Wealth & Asset Management Enterprise (SWAME)
  • Suryadatta Venture Capital Enterprise (SVCE)
  • Suryadatta Institute of Digital Marketing (SIDM)
  • Adibaba India (Smart Digital Solutions)
  • Suryadatta Agro Food Enterprise (SAFE)
  • Suryadatta Institute of Food Science (SIFS)
  • Suryadatta Innovation and Incubation Centre of Excellence (SIICE) In association with Avishkar Labs
  • Suryadatta - Kalam Centre for Innovation and Incubation of Entrepreneurs (KCIIE)
  • Suryadatta Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (SIED)
  • Suryadatta Infotech
  • Global Association of Cyber Professionals (GACP)
  • Suryadatta e-learning CentreSuryadatta International Institute of Digital Learning (SIIDL)
  • Suryadatta Global Business Industry Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture (SGBICCA)
  • Suryadatta Industrial and Business Consultancy (SIBCON)
  • Suryadatta Global Education Services Pvt. Ltd. (SGESPL)
  • STP – Training & Placement Consultancy (STPC)
  • Pune Institute of Business Research (PIBR)
  • Pune Institute of Corporate Management (PICM)
  • Pune Institute of Retail Management (PIRM)
  • Pune Institute of Fashion Management (PIFM)
  • Pune Institute of Apparel and Textile Design (PIATD)
  • Suryadatta Institute of Accessories and Jewellery Design (SIAJD)
  • Suryadatta Centre of Textile Research Association (SCTRA)
  • Suryadatta Institute of Construction Management &Research (SICMAR)
  • Suryadatta Realty and Project Management Consultancy (SRPMC)
  • Suryadatta Design Academy (SDA)
  • Pune Institute of Landscape Technology (PILT)
  • Suryadatta Institute of Cognitive Learning (SICL)
  • Suryadatta Institute of Emerging Technologies (SIET)

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