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Suryadatta International Institute of Cyber Security is established with the mission to create a talent pool of cyber security professionals ready to share a wide range of responsibilities in the digitized world which is increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats. The Institute aims to develop deployable cyber security 
expertise who will contribute to cyber risk mitigation across government, business, society and for the common man. With exponential rise in connected devices, social media revolution, advent of Industry 4.0, emergence of block chain technology, smart city projects pushed by the government, rapid digitization of the economy and increasing penetration of IOT devices in personal life as well, it is all the more important to step up cyber security and strategize about cyber security plans and monitoring, mitigating cyber risks. The institute offers a formal degree along with professional certifications within a structured learning environment.  

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Suryadatta International Institute of Cyber Secuirty (SIICS) is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University and offers B.Sc. in Cyber and Digital Science. 

For Details contact :- 8956932418 / 9763266829


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