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Suryadatta National Awards 2018


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dr abhay mutha
  • Name : Dr Abhay Mutha
  • Designation : Founder President Diabetes Care and Research Centre
Message for Suryadatta: We all need to always remember that the beautiful life god has gifted us, we should try to make the most of it. To achieve anything in this world one needs a very good health and sound mind fo the best creations that can happen infact health is the only asset in this life and to attain this we must follow important tips - regular exercist, balanced diet and stress free lift. So in short I would say Healthy life style - Wealthy Future. Wish you all the best for the Great Suryostave 2014.

  • Name : Dr Vikas Inamdar
  • Designation : Chairman Knowledge Management Board University of Pune
Message for Suryadatta: Success in life if directly proportional to the amount of intelligent efforts you put in towards achievement of your predetermined goal. Improve your self-image and stop not until the goal is achieved.

dr v rangarajan
  • Name : Dr V Rangaraj
  • Designation : Advisor New Projects and External Relations
Message for Suryadatta: I am Extremely happy to note that Suryadatta Education Foundation is celebrating it 16th Foundation Day and will also present the Suryadatta National Award for 2014. Although the Suryadatta Group caters to a variety of career needs of students coming from different strata of background, it has still maintained the quality of its Education and is in the process of reaching World Class Standards. I am proud to see that the Suryadatta Group of Institutions have been ranked among top 50 A-Category B-Schools for continuously for 12 years. This is by no means a small achievement. These are difficult times and in spite of vagaries of the ups and downs in the Economy, the Suryadatta Education Foundation has maintained its quality of Excellence in its Teaching Standards. At this auspicious moment I wish this Institute all the success in its efforts to move forward.

  • Name : Ameen Sayani
  • Designation : -
Message for Suryadatta: Providing and Spreading the right type of nation-building education is the prime requirement of todays trouble-ridden India. And that is the precise kind of work that the Suryadatta Education Foundation has been consistently doing with dedicated excellence.

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