Suryadatta Group of Institute celebrated 4th International Yoga Day with full enthusiasm.

Every year Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Suryadatta Sports and Fitness Academy celebrates Yoga Day as a part of their global initiative.

On this auspicious occasion Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya said students should do Yoga every and design their day which includes minimum 30 to 60 minutes of exercise including Yoga and Meditation.

He also further stated that today's youths should be educated, well cultured, strong, capable to sustain his position with growth and respect in their respective field and for this at Suryadatta we believe Yoga for life is the only solution.

All the students of Suryadatta assembled at SuryaBhawan and performed various forms of Yogasanas as a part of this global initiative and experience the power of Yoga.

They also took oath that they will do Yoga for their life. All the staff members, yoga and sports teacher performed various aasanas and guided the participants in scientific way.


Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya said “ One must read biography and various books of Swami Vivekananda ji which are made available in the Library of Suryadatta Group to get inspiration for successful Journey

Suryadatta Group of Institutes celebrated National Youth Day on the auspicious occasion of 155th Swami Vivekananda Jayanti. The unique collage were presented having “Ek Tej Yatra of Swami Vivekananda Ji” and numerable moments and rare photos of his Guru Swami Ram Krishna Param Hansji who transformed him from “Narendra to Swami Vivekanandaji”.

Founder, President and Chairman Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya honored garland to the photo of Swami Vivekanandaji along with their core team members.

All the faculty and students also assembled in Radhakrishana Hall and were inspired by motivation speeches given by senior faculties Prof. Dr. S.G. Soni, Prof. Dr. Anand Gaikwad, Prof. Dr. P. K. Ghosh, Prof. Khalsa, Prof. Dr. Kirti Lagani.

Students were highly motivated and they took oath for working hard to become a successful and great person in their respective field.


Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti and Cleanliness Drive"

Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated on Tuesday, 3rd October, 2017 with enthusiasm in SIMMC and SIBMT MBA departments. On the behalf of “Swatchch Bharat Abiyan”, a campaign by Prime Minister Hon. Narendra Modi, cleanliness drive was carried out. All the staff members of SIMMC and SIBMT took part in Gandhi Jayanti celebrations. Sweeping and mobbing the floors of the classrooms, corridor and stairs was done by the students and staff of Photographs of the above program were taken. Staff members guided the students for the program.

67th Republic Day Celebrated by Suryadatta Group of Institutions with great Enthusiasm. We take pride in ‘Unity in Diversity’ said Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya

Suryadatta Group celebrates India’s 67th Republic day very enthusiastically in all its solemnity and grandeur on 26th Jan 2016. All staff members and students and parents were present in the large number, to salute the Mother land and our tricolor. The flag was unfurled by the chief Guest Mr. Kiran Dagade : Ex Sarpanch and Young Popular Leader of Bavdhan. Mrs. Kiran Rao, Vice Principal of Suryadatta National School advised the studentsto re-discover of our History especially freedom fighters. Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, Founder President and Chairman, Suryadatta Group of Institutions, Pune appealed to the students to excel in the field of their liking, choice and preference. The small cultural program which followed thereafter, based on patriotic theme was spell binding. Both the students and faculty members presented their cultural talent and mesmerized the audience


“No work is more holy than educating the next generation; Suryadatta is doing this very effectively. I bless the institute to be world famous”; says H.H. Rev. Jagadguru Shri Shri Shri Dr. Rangnath Nathrao Joshi on the occasion of Teacher’s Day

Suryadatta Group of Institutes celebrated Teachers day by conferring ‘Suryaguru Jivan Gaurav Puraskar: Life Time Achievement Award 2016 upon H.H. Rev. Jagadguru Shri Shri Shri Dr. Rangnath Nathrao Joshi Ji for excellence in field of Spirituality and Welfare of Mankind. His divine grace, Sadguru Acharya Dev Shri. Shri Shri Dr. Rangnath Nathrao Joshi Ji is almost the most accomplished saints in the current era. A true Siddha Mahayogi, who has dedicated his life for elevating the Spiritual and Philosophical level of mankind through kundalini Shaktipat Diksha to more than 6 lakh followers. He considers, service to humanity is the greatest form of service to Almighty. His Blessings through his literature & poems are showered on millions and millions of people worldwide. His followers look upon him us incarnation of Lord Dattaraya.

Dr Samprasad Vinod, Founder President of Maharshir Vinod Foundation was the Chief Guest and Shri Niranjan Purohit, Dy. Zonal Manager; Bank of Maharashtra was the Guest of Honor for the ceremony.

This occasion was used by the Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, Dean Academics Suryadatta Group of Institutes for administrating the oath to the students. The oath was :-

I understand people relate to me. Much more for what they can with me, than what I am with them.

I understand neither all my expectation will be fulfilled. Nor all my expectation will remain unfulfilled.

I understand more than what happens to me. It is my emotional response to it that determines my future.

I understand to live life in totality is to live every moment of life intensely & enthusiastically.

I understand my life is my responsibility & I will not blame others.

I understand that success is the journey and not a destination.

I will leave life centered all Prem Path Chit Anand. I will analysis my experience & improve myself through Intro spection.

He reminded to students of the sacrifices done by their teaching and non-teaching faculty for molding them into a better human beings. Therefore, he said, respect for faculty members is the fore most essential quality expected from the students. He cited the example of Eklavya who gave histhumb to his Guru Dronacharya .

While blessing the institute through his address Shri Shri Shri Dr. Rangnath Shashtri Joshi Ji said, “No work is more holy than educating the next generation and Suryadatta is doing this very effectively. I bless the institute to be world famous”. He further said the moment he entered the campus, he received positive vibrations through the enthusiasm and energy of the students and the staff. Therefore he would like to be once again a student and be a multifaceted personality, as it is done exclusively in Suryadatta. He said by sculpting each student into a career oriented professional, Prof. Dr. Sanjay and Mrs. Sushma Chordiya have created an ocean of knowledge and humanity. I can visualize that in near future the institute is becoming a premier brand and world class Educational hub. He said that so far he visited many educational institutes but has never experienced the disciplined corporate culture filled with knowledge and wisdom as prevailing in Suryadatta. He advised the students, “Vidya Vinayen Shobhate” and said that the humbleness will carry them to next level of success automatically. While accepting the honor he said that he indeed was feeling elevated by the Award which has been conferred so far upon various renowned personalities, looked upon as Saints of Modern India.

Dr Samprasad Vinod, Founder President of Maharshi Vinod Foundation, said that he is the witness for the meteoric growth of Suryadatta Group of Institutes for last two decades. He knows about the hard work done and pains gone through by Prof. Dr. Sanjay Chordiya for achieving this milestone. He was sure that Suryadatta Group of Institutes, in next five years will be an University of world class.

Shri Niranjan Purohit, Dy. Zonal Manager, Bank of Maharashtra said that it will be honor for his bank to pick up the gems of Suryadatta for placement directly or indirectly. He assured to the students admitted by Suryadatta for guaranteed loan facility for higher education from Bank of Maharashtra, since Suryadatta is esteemed at very high level by the bank.

This was followed by felicitation of entire staff of Suryadatta by the students and three hours Cultural Program which was unique in the sense of ideas, creativity and talent.

The entire program was organized by the students of Event Management Faculty of Suryadatta Group of Institutes.


Unique tribute to the teachers across Globe by nonstop 9 hours program by Suryadatta’s National & International Students during celebrations of teachers day.

Suryadatta Felicitates Ms. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi & Mr. Anand Agarwal as best teachers on the occasion of Teachers day

Mr. Rahul Solapurkar inspires the students of Suryadatta through his motivational speech on the occasion of Teachers day Suryadatta students celebrated teachers day by expressing their devotion by presenting a unique program from 9 am to 6 pm on teachers day occasion. The program started with Deep prajawalan, Ganesh Vandana, Saraswati Vandana & Floral tributes to Sarva Palli Dr. Radha Krishnan.

Dr. Prof. Sanjay B. Chordiya unveiled the secret of his being so young at heart. He said the students is the source of my energy and being one of them makes me younger and more energetic.

The teachers from all the Institutes of Suryadatta were called upon stage one by one and the students representatives from the respective Institutes felicitates them through their ‘Guru - Vandana’

The teachers were touched to core of their hearts by such affectionate gestures and some of them expressed that this bonding between students and them has made Suryadatta a family and not a Institute alone.

The chief Guest, Mr. Rahul Solapurkar : the well known Marathi Actor, during his motivational told students that whatever they want to become in life they should be focused in their goal and work relentlessly to achieve them. He said the dreams are meaningful which do not allow you to sleep and keep you awake. Even if you want to become a chariot driver, be like a Lord Krishna who drove Arjuna’s Chariot and delivered ‘Geetopadesh’ in Kurushektra.

Ms. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi was conferred with an award for the Best Teacher for her contribution for creating positive awareness among all strata of the society towards transgender. In her award acceptance speech Laxmi told about struggle in the initial stages of her life and express her gratitude toward the people who guided her to be what she is today. She fondly recalled how Dr. Chordiya is one the mentors.

Mr. Anand Agarwal was also conferred with an award for the Best Teacher for his contribution to in converting attitude of the people towards positiveness through his news bulletin Life 365. During his speech Mr. Anand Agrawal appled to the students to lead the life in a different way and help the society to go to next level. He cited an example of a squirrel who helped Lord Rama and his army of Money to build a bridge to reach Lanka and win over the devils.

This was followed by the cultural extravaganza of nearly 6 hours by national and International students of Suryadatta based on the theme of patriotism and salutation to Global teachers community


Suryadatta Group Conffered Lifetime Achievment & National Awards For the year 2016



The festival of Christmas is always magical and filled with cake, gifts, tinsel,carol singing and ofcourse Santa. And in keeping with the philosophy of Suryadatta of celebrating all the festivals the children and teachers had a lot of fun this Christmas .As before all festivals , the Art &Craft Club had got into action making traditional Christmas decoration items .The star shaped lanterns ,stockings, miseltoe etc. that were displayed gave the campus a beautiful festive look .Students wore traditional Christmas caps enthusiastically sang Carols bringing joy and cheer all round.The Spirit of Christmas of Yuletide seemed everywhere ! Guided by their teachers, the Creative Club organized a superbly enacted skit on the Birth of Jesus with the Nativity Scene depicted as the backdrop.As it was the last day of the school before the year ended the students of Surayadatta Integrity club conducted the ‘Letting Go’Activity .It involved contemplating within themselves and then writing on a piece of paper 3 things/habits /personality traits/attitudes that they wanted to LET GO off in 2015. The exercise aimed at beginning 2016 on a new and positive note ! What made the festival even more special and memorable was that the students were able to understand that Christmas was also a time for being thankful ,and as much a season for giving as it is for receiving.From that attitude in their heart and in the spirit of the season they remembered the less fortunate than themselves and organized the ‘Art Of Giving’Campaign .Each of them gave a small gift which they could afford and encouraged all the adults around them to do the same.These were distributed amongst the poor children .A small act of kindness on the part of Students but to those who received the gifts it meant a lot.Well done Suryadatta National School.


Teachers Day Celebration at Suryadatta

Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, Teacher par excellence, whose birthday, September 5, is commemorated by the Nation as Teachers Day assumes special significance at Suryadatta. Teachers Day is celebrated with great zeal at Suryadatta and its array of Institutes, in a day long meaningful, thought provoking and entertaining programme. In keeping up with the tradition Suryadatta celebrated its Teachers Day at S.M.Joshi hall with active participation of students and faculty from various Institutes of Suryadatta Group ,Pune , The day began with the warm welcome of honorable dignitaries and tributes were paid to noted scholar and former president Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan by the honorable guests and speakers .

Dr. Deepak Shikarpur enlightened the students with the inspiring speech on the topic of implementation of theoretical knowledge practically in corporate. He also stressed upon softskills ,interpersonal skills and behavioral skills to be adopted.

Dr. Samprasad Vinod blends Indian Spiritual Wisdom with the Modern Scientific Knowledge through different activities related to Yoga ,.He enlightened the students by putting his views on How to meditate ,yoga and improve energy and concentration levels to work for 15 to 16 hours a day.

Brahmakumari Sarita Ben, enlightened everyone with her godly speech to find connection with god and find happiness /peace to finally reap the fruits of success. Her speech was further followed by Brahmakumari Sujhata Ben who directed everyone on how to achieve energy levels to work for 16 to 18 hours a day .

Also organized on this occasion was a presentation by “Mumbai Dabbawallas” on the topic focusing on impressive management of their humongous business with the help of Supply chain management and coding system.

The day was further followed by teacher’s felicitation, each teacher was felicitated by the respective students of various institutes under the umbrella of Suryadatta group Thrill and joy was added to the day because of various cultural events planned and organized by the students from Suryadatta group of institutions, Pune.


Rakshabandhan at Suryadatta

The festival season has begun in Maharashtra with the onset of the month of Shravan. The academic session has also begun in Suryadatta. New batch of students have come. For most of them it might be their first Raksha Bandhan away from their homes. They were all feeling slightly and nostalgic. To build up their frame of mind and to make them feel at home, Suryadatta celebrated Raksha Bandhan in its unique style.

Each girl student tied rakhis to two boys from her batch. Each student enjoyed themselves and were like a big family. The students put up a small cultural program on this occasion.

Independence Day at Suryadatta

Independence Day is a proud moment for every Indian. Each one of us takes pride in being an Indian. At Suryadatta Independence Day is celebrated with its true spirit and full enthusiasm.

Dr. Deepak Shikarpur graced the occasion as a Chief Guest. Prof. Dr. Sanjay .Chordiya- Founder President & Chairman Suryadatta Education Foundation, Senior directors of the institute, faculty members, Non teaching staff members and large number of students were present for the day.

The Tri color was then hoisted with the National Anthem sung by the students. The Chief guest Dr. Deepak Shikarpur and Founder President and Chairman Prof. Dr Sanjay B Chordiya enlightened the members present. Students also got motivated and shared their feelings of the great moment.

After this the student presented a cultural programme individually and in groups, typically based on the theme of Independence day. The Program culminated with distribution of sweets.


Unique Diwali Sandhya at Suryadatta

Unique ‘Diwali Sandhya’ at Suryadatta : Diwali without crackers, Diwali with ‘Greenery’ and Children of Lesser God….

Twinkling stars from the sky whispering with lighted earthen lamp and electric light series, soft music playing Suryadatta’s theme song, colorful premises with Rangoli and Flower arrangements and radiant faces of ‘Suryans’ with expression of commitment towards social Responsibility coupled with enjoyment of Diwali was an ambiance of Suryadatta Institute, Bavdhan where ‘Diwali Sandhya’ was celebrated. Diwali Pahat or Diwali celebration has become a common feature these days but the difference between these celebrations and Suryadatta’s celebration was the point to be noted. Here enjoyment was not only through self entertainment but it was through the sense of fulfillment of social responsibility. The program started with invocation of God Ganesh, Saraswati and Laxmi.

Right from the peon to the Chairperson of Suryadatta Institute gathered on one platform and took an oath for celebrating Diwali in eco-friendly way by saying ‘Goodbye’ to crackers. They also planted nearly50 flowering plants. This was followed by a gala entertainment programme of Jr. Dev Anand of Bollywood for the staff and their families of Suryadatta group of Institutes. Jr. Dev Anand- Mr. Kishor, kept audience enthralled by his music, dances, mimicry, fun games, for more than two hours. While wishing Diwali Greetings, Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, Chairman of Suryadatta Group of Institutes appealed to its staff to always empathize with weaker strata of the society in the moments of happiness and to take care of environment around us.

The highlight of the programme was distribution of 600kgs. of ‘Laddoos’ prepared by the students of Suryadatta College of Hotel Management, Travel & Tourism, among the people who are less privileged. 1200 boxes of Laddoos were made by students and faculty members of Hotel Management in two days. When the curtain fell on this differently celebrated Diwali Evening, every Suryan’s face was saying a story of being a better human being.


Suryadatta celebrated a Unique Program on Patriotism on Teachers DaySuryadatta Group of Institutes, Pune felicitated the war / martyrs widows and dedicated police officers with “Veer Nari” & “Veer Purush” Puraskar for their exemplary courage & bravery for the Nation on Teachers Day at the hands of Hon’ble Shri M.S. Bitta, Chairman, All India Anti Terrorist Front (AIATF ) & Mr. Pramod Kamble, a world famous Artist. Dr. Sanjay Chordiya, Founder President and Chairman of Surydatta Group of Institutes, Secretary Mrs. Sushma Chordiya, Advisory Board Members & large number of students were present on this occasion.

Dr. Sanjay Chordiya welcomed the guests & said that everyone who imparts knowledge & every citizen is a teacher. He advised students to follow the footsteps of the stalwarts to become a good human being and a successful person in life.

Mr. M.S. Bitta, who imprinted the minds of the students with nationalistic thoughts and created a patriotic fervor amongst them, he invoked the students to come forward and fight against terror & expressed his desire to live and die for the Nation. Mr. Bitta said that India is moving towards a new thinking, a new direction and so he appealed the students to follow their instincts. Suryadatta students thunderously roared back in response to his appeal and made commitment for contributing for national cause.

mt. Kamal Vitthal Patil (wife of Lt. Shri. Vitthal Patil); Smt. Malti Jagtap (wife of Lt. Shri. Madhavrao Jagtap);Smt. Draupadi Laxman Patil (wife of Lt. Shri. Laxman Patil), Smt. Sulochana Chaudhari (wife of Lt. Shri.Suresh Chaudhari) Smt. Neelam Shilimkar (wife of Lt. Shri. Sambhaji Shilimkar) were felicitated for being the war widows of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the nation in the wars fought between 1962 and 1999, with “Suryadatta Veer Naari Puraskar 2014”. Following Police Officers were felicited by Surydatta Veer Purush Puraskar-2014 who are consistently on their stressful duty of maintaining law and order in the society and protecting the citizens round the clock. Shri Arvind Patil, (Assistant Commissioner of Police) Shri Bapu Kutwal , (Senior Police Inspector) Shri S. P. Bhosale, (Senior Police Inspector) Smt. Smita Jadhav, (Senior Police Inspector) Shri Sunil Tambe, (Police Inspector ) The Veer Naari Smt. Sulochana Suresh Chaudhari expressed her gratitude by thanking Dr. Chordiya for the honor. All these Veer Naaris have pledged that they will send their one child to serve the nation. Shri Arvind Patil, Assistant Commissioner of Police, was overwhelmed to have received the award at the hands of Shri Bitta whose galore and bravery are taught as case study in his training sessions. Mrs. Smita Jadhav, Senior Police Inspector, thanked Suryadatta for the award and on behalf of the Maharashtra Police appealed to all the youth to be alert about the use of Internet and also urged the students to come forward and fight against terrorism. Mr. Pramod kamble a world famous artist, a Sculptor of international repute urged the students to follow ecofriendly art. He sketched a beautiful sketch of Goddess Saraswati and that of Shri Bitta ji. The program got over with grand cultural presentations and a wonderful magic show by the students of Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Pune.