Students should follow value systems and should feel pride of being Indian citizen - Said Prof. Dr. Sudhakar Jadhavar (renowned Educationalist) during the PGDM 9th Convocation Ceremony of Suryadatta Institutes of Management (SIMMC).

Suryadatta Institute of Management and Mass Communication witnessed a landmark celebration recently. The 9th batch of PGDM Programme at SIMMC graduated while proud faculty and peers applauded from the audience.

Chief Guest, Dr. Sudhakar Jadhavar (renowned Educationalist) began his motivational speech by emphasizing on the importance of love for one’s nation and the pride of being an Indian. He gave examples of Shri Chandrashekhar Azad and Shri Bhagat singh, the revolutionaries, which were very inspiring. He also observed that the younger generation is very impatient and looks for instant career growth. They must however realize that professional life is very long and focus should always be on a long-term goal.



Every PG student must develop their own Training Program write research paper & aspire to be became an entrepreneur” Said Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, Dean Academics of Suryadatta Group of Institute during 8th SIMMC’s Convocation Ceremony

It was a proud moment for AICTE approved PGDM with dual specialization students of Suryadatta Institute of Management & Mass Communication (SIMMC), as they assembled for their graduation and convocation ceremony, at Bansi Ratna Auditorium at Bavdhan. Meritorious students were awarded medals and convocation while successful students received their Convocation Certificates at the hands of Special Guests, Prof Dr. Tausif Malik, Founder Director TMA Worldwide, Chicago, USA, Col; (Retd.) Shishir Kumar, Director General of Suryadatta Group of Institute and Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, Dean Academics of Suryadatta Group of Institute and Founder President & Chairman of Suryadatta Education Foundation & Mrs. Sushama Chordiya, Vice President & Secretary.

Prof. Dr. Sanjay Chordiya congratulated students of 8th PGDM student batch 2015 - 2017 for their outstanding contribution and success. “Suryadatta Group of Institutes will be offering start-up venture opportunities, from its campus. We encourage you to dream to evolve as entrepreneurs. Come visit your Alma Mater as trainers and evolve your own Management Training Program as a value addition for the institute”, said Dr. Chordiya. He further greeted students as Alumnus, and invited them for Alumni get-together, which the institution conducts every year on 25th December.

Said Dr. Tausif Malik, “I have been an intrapreneur and an entrepreneur, so I encourage you all too, to be an intrapreneur and an entrepreneur, rather than a manager. You should be a combination of both plus a team member, and a leader. Add power of focus and you will experience success”.

During his welcome speech, Prof. Sushant Chatterjee, Head of Department - PGDM, congratulated students on their graduation, and asked them to be ready to face challenges in the corporate world. “You students are the institute's investment to the society and Nation, and therefore you need to be successful in your life and work”.

Col. (Retd.) Shishir Kumar encouraged students to expect hardship in all walks of life, as the hardships will strengthen the students to be better professionals. He mentioned how in management roles in industry, it is very important to command respect from team mates, and give orders to get the job done. He blessed students for their success, and expressed hopes that students will work hard to leave their mark in society and Nation.

"Follow high ethics, exemplary conduct, exhibit leadership qualities and be part of team work in innovation" said Mr.Maikuri,CEO of Kider India Pvt.Ltd, during the 7th Convocation ceremony at Suryadatta.

Suryadatta Institute of Management & Mass Communication (SIMMC) hosted its 7th Convocation ceremony on 7 May 2016. The ceremony was marked by presence of esteemed guests, parents of graduating students and staff of Suryadatta Group.

During the convocation ceremony, Post Graduate Diploma degrees were conferred to PGDM students of 2014 – 16 batch. The Chief Guest of this ceremony was Mr. C. S. Maikuri, CEO of Kider India Pvt. Ltd. The graduating students received their degree certificates at the hands of Mr. C.S. Maikuri and Prof. Dr. S. B. Chordiya, Dean Academics, Suryadatta Group of Institutes.

Mr. Maikhuri, during his address, informed the students that though economy across globe is going through recession phase, India is handling the situation successfully and that India is in second position in the world in product development. So, taking advantage of this situation, he asked the students to gear up & grab the opportunity knocking at their doors. He also told that India is at its best in the world in implementing of research work.

Mr. Maikuri also made it clear to students that success story can be written by each one of them if they follow high ethics, exemplary conduct, exhibit leadership qualities and be part of team work in innovation. Speaking on the current drought situation in most parts of India, especially in rural areas, he stressed that ‘Jal hi Jeevan hai’ and we should respect every drop of water and use sparingly and thus conserving for the future.

Address of Mr. Maikuri was followed by oath taking. Prof. Dr. Sanjay Chordiya along with Controller of Examinations, Prof. N. C. Sethia administered oath to the graduating students that they will uphold moral values & principles in their professional career &personal life, as well. Prof. Dr. Chordiya guided the students about their career ahead and advised that they need to have eye of an eagle and heart of a lion to be successful & to conquer the world.

Mr.Kunal Oswal, Mr.Sudheer Kumar, Mr. Mukul Zhalani & Ms.Monosmini Dash representing their batch mates expressed their gratitude towards the Institute for offering a good platform for learning and succeeding in their career.

The convocation ceremony came to an end with Vote of Thanks by Prof. Sushant Chaterjee, HOD of PGDM dept. The entire ceremony was closely coordinated & conducted by Prof. Neha Inamdhar.Dignified Convocation Ceremony of PGDM (2013-15 Batch) held at Suryadatta, Bavdhan Campus Pune.


Students from PGDM (2013-15 Batch) have successfully graduated from Suryadatta, received their graduation certificate during the 6th Convocation ceremony held on 27th December 2015 at Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishna Hall of Suryadatta Institute, Bavdhan.

To grace the occasion, Advocate Dr. Geeta Kasture, Honorable Chief Guest of the ceremony, addressed the students and shared the requirement to strike a balance of work and life. She mentioned how as professionals, students will face challenges, and how failing is always the first step to success. She quoted Sir Winston Churchill by mentioning, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts”. She further encouraged the students by quoting Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. She further mentioned how Choices, Chances and Changes are the basic ingredients of life. She concluded her speech by quoting legal luminary Ram Jethmalani, from his biography, “Get rid of fear, cultivate courage. Fear believes. Courage doubts. Fear falls on earth and prays, courage stands erect and thinks. Fear retreats, courage advances. Fear is barbarism, courage is civilization.”

Mr. Mukesh Kuwad, Guest of Honour of the ceremony, spoke about pursuing one’s career and goals with passion. He shared how Convocation ceremony in USA is known as Commencement, wherein one journey ends, and becomes precursor to another journey. He encouraged the students to march ahead in life without fear. He highlighted how money is not a criteria, but it is passion for work that defines our future. Special guest and famous social activist of transgenders, Ms. Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi mentioned how education is the tool for knowledge. She mentioned how one’s deeds and dedication will always leave their mark in society. She encouraged students by mentioning how she fought against all the odds, and held on with courage and became successful. She cautioned the students to never be part of crowd, but rather be the face of the crowd. She encouraged how opportunities knock only once, and students need to grab the opportunity as she did.

Prof. N.C.Sethia, Controller of Examinations, gave example of Garuda to emphasize how one should always soar higher in quest for success and enlightenment. Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, Dean Academics of Suryadatta Group of Institutions, encouraged the students by highlighting how living a holistic life is the precursor to a successful life. He further stated how end of the academics never result in end of study; rather we are always a part of constant learning and growing. He encouraged students to pursue their dreams with fearlessness. He also reminded the students that our association with students is a life-long association, and appealed them to be in touch with institution from wherever they are.

Lots of International students, friends of Mr. Leo Agnero, a Nigerian student of PGDM were present for cheering him up.Guests for the ceremony were felicitated by Mrs. Sushma Chordiya, the Vice President of Suryadatta Institute.At the end, Prof. Sushant Chatterjee proposed vote of thanks.Mrs. Gurneet Arora was the master of ceremony, and hosted the entire ceremony.

Lt. Gen. Jatinder Singh, Commandant NDA gave away PGDM certificates to Suryadatta students during the Convocation Ceremony

Will to Win and TRUST are important qualities for successful Managers” …says Lt. Gen. Jatinder Singh, Commandant NDA, On the occasion of Convocation Program of Suryadatta PGDM students.

Manager should think differently to foster innovation in anything and everything.. says former UGC Chairman.. Dr. Arun Nigavekar

The convocation ceremony of Suryadatta Group of Institutes SIBMT and SIMMC was held recently in great grandeur & high spirits. Lt. Gen. Jatinder Singh, Commandant NDA was present as a Chief Guest for the Program and Eminent Educationist and former UGC Chairman Prof. Dr. Arun Nigavekar was present as a Guest of honor for this ceremony.

The ceremony was held on 09.10.2011 at MCCIA, ICC Towers, S.B. Road, Pune for students of AICTE approved two year full time unique PG Management Program PGDM with Dual specialization@ Residential Day boarding finishing B-School for Holistic Development. Out of 240 graduates, 100 were personally present for the program to receive the convocation.

Leadership qualities & that too qualities of Army leaders are very important for any PGDM graduate to imbibe. Lt. Gen. Jatinder Singh, Commandant NDA explained this philosophy to the students of Suryadatta Group of Institutes on the occasion of Convocation Ceremony of 2009-2011 Batch. He further emphasized on the qualities of army leaders which are different from the Civilians and how important it is to have these special qualities to become successful managers in the Corporate world . Some of the qualities are-Secularism, Capability Development, Will to win, Prioritization, Physical and mental fitness , team spirit and the most important is Trust.

Prof. Dr. Arun Nigavekar, Guest of Honor, for the convocation programme emphasized the importance of a Manager as a “Human” first and with reference to Late Steve Jobs explained “how think beyond what you see as an individual helped Steve Jobs to change the world with the innovative technology. So it is important for managers to think differently because change comes from our thoughts . He also explained , that one can be a good manager only when he considers everyone as a “Human” being because you work with them and you also control their actions. He admired the efforts of Suryadatta Group of Institutes in developing students as human being and making them aware of their moral , spiritual & social responsibilities.

The two eminent guests along with Suryadatta’s Chairman- Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya handed away the PGDM certificates to the degree holders.

On behalf of all the students, during the acceptance speech, Ms. Priyanka Singh, pass out student of PGDM (Human Resource and International Business) who has been recruited through Campus Recruitment at Bio Jobz, thanked Suryadatta family for various inputs students have received for their overall development. She further stated that “today we are in the Corporate world and handling the assignments allotted to us confidently & credit goes to “ Suryadatta”. Comprehensive Curriculum of Suryadatta has transformed us to accomplish challenges posed by Corporate world and perform in most effective & efficient way.. The inputs given by Suryadatta has indeed taught us the real meaning of Life”

Prof. Dr. S.B. Chordiya, Founder President and Chairman explained that how the technology is developing and enabling businesses to grow globally and what are the challenges before the Nation and as a result to the budding Managers . He emphasized that the students should upgrade their knowledge and capabilities regularly so as to cope up with the challenges of the competitive market. He expressed his gratitude towards the chief guest and guest of Honor for gracing the occasion.

Brigadier ( Retired) VS Toley, Director General gave the vote of thanks at the end of the Ceremony. Mrs. Mangudkar, The Registrar & Controller of Examinations compared the entire program.

With these success mantras/ words of wisdom….. it marked the beginning of the pathway to success.

Convocation Ceremony of PGDM students 11-13 Batch of Suryadatta

Lt. Gen. Jatinder Singh, Commandant NDA gave away PGDM certificates to Suryadatta students during the Convocation Ceremony

  • Convocation Ceremony of PGDM students of Suryadatta
  • “BE INNOVATIVE & UPDATE YOURSELF” by Dr. Deepak Shikarpur, during Convocation at Suryadatta

On 29th September 2013, evening, Suryadatta Group of Institutes held convocation ceremony of PGDM students of 2011- 13 batch at prestigious Suman Moolgaokar Auditorium, of Maratha Chamber of Commerce, Industries & Agriculture,MCCIA, ICC Tower, Pune .The ceremony was attended by family & Friends of the passing out students and also by the faculty members of Suryadatta Group of Institutes.

The ceremony began with National Anthem. The chief guest for this glittering function was Dr. Deepak Shikarpur, Rotary Governor & IT expert of repute the Guest of Honor was Mrs. Leela Taparia, Director of DES’s, Jagannath Rathi Vocational Education Institute. Shri. Shikarpur during his address told to the students that a degree only is not sufficient to win over the challenges before you. Update yourself to cope up with ever changing industry environment failing which one would become obsolete and liability. Skill building is the need of the time and other management Institutes should emulate Suryadatta for its efforts in this field. The buzz for leading happy life is ‘ Keep Customer Happy’, ‘ Keep Boss Happy’ and in lighten tone he added ‘Keep Spouse Happy’.

He further said that due to Globalization, corporate people are working constantly under huge pressure. Therefore it is essential to keep oneself physically fit and suggested Suryadatta to include clause regarding keeping oneself physically fit to be in corporate in the ‘Oath’ to be taken during Convocation.

He concluded his speech by saying that you are born to be happy but happiness doesn’t mean getting addicted to earning money. If so, then what is the difference between ATM machine & you? He ended his speech, which was full of anecdotes, humor, serious insight of life philosophy, by an Urdu complet:

“Jindagi Behtar Hoti Hai, Jab Aap Khush Hote Hai..

Jindagi Behtarin Hoti Hai Jab Aap Dusrome Khushi Batorate Hai.”

Mrs. Leela Tararia shared experiences of her long innings in developed countries as a student as well as teacher. She said that people there study even after the age of 55, 60. They select study module of one month or two months, clear it & then go to next module. Thus they clear the syllabus by their own pace by fully focusing on that particular module only with high grades. The ‘Mantra’ of success is ‘Hard Work, very Hard Work & Very Very Hard Work’.

Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, Founder President & Chairman of Suryadatta Group of Institutes, appealed to the students to keep themselves ahead of others through innovation & research. He assured the students of constant and life time support of ‘Suryadatta’ for their career development. He proudly mentioned of the fact of providing 100% placement to eligible students even during hard pressing recession time.

Prof. N.C. Sethia, Controller of Examination declared the results where in 94% students have successfully cleared their post graduation with flying colors. It was an occasion of happiness to see the radiant faces of all rank holders & successful students who receives their graduation certificates during this memorable evening. Vote of thanks were proposed by Prof. Rishmdeep Kaur & she expressed gratitude on behalf of Institute for all those who contribute to make the function grand success. The overall co-ordination was done by Mrs. Neha Inamdar

The ceremony ended with cheering and motivating ‘Suryadatta’ theme song followed by dinner in the mood of rejoicement by fellow students.