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A Global Symposium on “Challenges of 21 Century” was held at Suryadatta Educations Foundations Bavdhan Campus


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Suryadatta National School organized a fun-filled and informative fieldtrip for the Pre-Primary Section
to Pu.La. Deshpande garden on Friday, 28th June 2019.Children were mesmerized to see the serene
beauty of the nature while taking a walk along the lush green lawns. Teachers showed them different
types of plants, trees and the beautiful landscape around. They explained the importance of taking
care of our environment. Children thoroughly enjoyed the rains out in the garden wearing their
colourful raincoats.

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La Classe Annual Runway Show 2019 organised on 8 Feb 2019 at Bavdhan Campus.

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A Global Symposium on “Challenges of 21 Century” was held at Suryadatta Educations Foundations Bavdhan Campus
A Global Symposium on “Challenges of 21 Century” was held at Suryadatta Educations Foundations Bavdhan Campus on Saturday 17 February, 2018
The titled Symposium was attended by delegates from countries like United Kingdom, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Morocco, Nigeria, Italy, USA,
Jordan, Germany, Malaysia, Denmark, Afghanistan, Turkey and India. The Panellists for this symposium included: Lord Alderdice, John, United
Kingdom; Dr Danilo Türk, Slovenia; Dr Mustafa Ceric, Bosnia & Herzegovina; Dr Assia Bensalah Alaoui, Morocco; Mr Ayodele Aderinwale, Nigeria and Dr
Sundeep Waslekar was the Moderator. The delegates deliberated on challenges of 21st Century, among others, the main challenges facing the globe
and deliberated upon include global concerns like water, air and quality of life. Water refers to “clean water” and air refers to “fresh air”


Global symposium1  


Global symposium2

Eminent Leaders & Policy Makers Across the Globe lighted the Lamp in the presence of Prof. Dr. Sanjay Chordiya,
Founder President & Chairman of Suryadatta Group of Institutes

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Dr. Nitin R Karmalkar, Vice Chancellor of Savitribai Phule Pune University Felicitated at the Hands of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

Symposium img2

Mr. Tonino Lamborghini, Chairman & MD Lamborghini Group Felicitated at the Hands of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

Symposium img3

Dr. Mustafa Ceric, Raisu-l-ulama Emeritus of Islamic Community Grand Mufti of Bosnia - 1993 to 2012 Felicitated at
the Hands of Ramraje Naik Nimbalkar in Presence of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

Symposium img4

Mr. Ramraje Naik Nimbalkar, Sr. Leader of National Congress Party & Chairman of MH Legi. Council Felicitated at the Hands
of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

Symposium img5

Lord Alderdice John, Director of Centre for Resolution of Intractable Conflict, University of OxfordFelicitated at the Hands of
Ramraje Naik Nimbalkar in Presence of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

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Dr. Danilo Türk, Chairman of Global High Level Panel on Water and Peace 3rd President - Slovenia Felicitated at the Hands of
Ramraje Naik Nimbalkar in Presence of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

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Dr. Makarand Jawadekar, Eminent Global Pharmaceutical Scientist Felicitated at the Hands of Mr. Tonino Lamborghini in
Presence of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

Symposium img8

Ms. Ginevra Lamborghini, Vice President Lamborghini Felicitated at the Hands of Dr. Sundeep Waslekar in Presence of
Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

Symposium img9

Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini, Vice President Lamborghini Felicitated at the Hands of Dr. Sundeep Waslekar in Presence of
Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

Symposium img10

Ms. Ilmas Futehally, Co-founder, Executive Director & Vice President of Strategic Foresight Group Felicitated at the Hands of
Prof. Dr. Nitin Karmalkar in Presence of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

Symposium img11

Lt. Gen Dr Dattatraya Shekatkar, Indian Army for 4 Decades & participated in India-Pakistan war Felicitated at the Hands of
Prof. Dr. Nitin Karmalkar in Presence of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

Symposium img12

Dr. Marc Hecker, Director of Publications at IFRI & Editor in Chief of Journal Politique Etrangere Felicitated at the Hands of
Mr. Tonino Lamborghini in Presence of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

Symposium img13

Mr. Sanjar Sohail, Owner & Publisher of Hasht e Subh ("8am"), Afghanistan's Largest Daily Newspaper Felicitated at the Hands
of Ramraje Naik Nimbalkar in Presence of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

Symposium img14

Dr. Hans-Joachim Giessmann, Ex. Directors at Bergh of Foundation & Bergh of Conflict Research Felicitated at the Hands of
Ramraje Naik Nimbalkar in Presence of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

Symposium img15

Mr. Saban Dişli, Senior Advisor on Economic Affairs to President of Turkey & Member of Parliament Felicitated at the Hands of
Ramraje Naik Nimbalkar in Presence of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

Symposium img18

Air Marshal Bhushan Gokhale, Indian Air Force in June 1968 Fighter Stream Felicitated at the Hands of Prof. Dr. Nitin Karmalkar
in Presence of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

Symposium img16

Dr. Musa Shteiwi, Director of the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan Felicitated at the Hands of
Ramraje Naik Nimbalkar in Presence of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

Symposium img17

Mr. Tonino Lamborghini, Chairman & MD Lamborghini Group & His Team Visited Suryadatta Group of Institutes for the
event held on Global Symposium.

Symposium img19

Eminent Leaders & Policy Makers Across the Globe Standing together for National Anthem in the presence of
Prof. Dr. Sanjay Chordiya, Founder President & Chairman of Suryadatta Group of Institutes.

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"Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology had organized the La Classes 7th Annual Runway Fashion Show on
23rd of December 2017 at Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Bavdhan Campus, Pune. The Chief guest Ravi Choudhari
And Dr. Prof. Sanjay Chordiya, Chairman of Suryadatta Group of Institute guided the student for future to create more

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Suryadatta Education Foundation have organized our Annual Exhibition “ Aura 2017”.

Every year PlAT students and faculty members organise a mega event "AURA" 2017 - a theme based exhibition in the last week of December.
During the exhibition student exhibit their projects, models, paintings, handicraft and portfolios. This event is open for all puneites, has been
receiving tremendous response every year. Many profeesionals visit AURA regularly. This is most awaited event for all the students and faculty

The grand opening of exhibition was done by artist Murli Lahoti in the presence of Mr. Vijay Kolhe Asst. Dy. Secretary of MSBTE of Pune
region, Eminent interior photographer Mr. Anand Devadkar, our founder & Chairman Dr. Sanjay Chordiya & Mrs. Sushma Chordiya.

From last 13 years we have done different themes like railway station, Ajanta caves, village life style, joint family etc. This year the theme is reuse
and recycles waste material along with the underwater life.

In his chief guest speech Artist Murli Lahoti explained us that failure is also a success and that failure experience is very important for success.

Mr. Vijay Kolhe explained MSBTE courses & their importance. He also emphasised on waste material & pollution as a world wide problem. It is very
important to pay attention towards the growing needs of human race, due to which the major problem of waste management is arising. Interior
Designing is very important & creative profession. These professional must understand requirements of client & fulfill them to the best of their ability.

Mr. Anand Diwadkar spoke about the importace of interior designing and also its proper execution.

Many students passed out from Suryadatta Education Foundation, PIAT are very successful in the profession and a lot of site done by these students
have been captured in his camera.

Dr. Sanjay Chordiya he spoke underwater theme from different concept. The theme represent the world wide problem of pollution & waste material
& team work, well planning achieve the execution.

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 "The Times of India in collaboration with OPPO launched OPPO Times Fresh Face 2017 contest for the students"


Times Fresh Face 2017 contest for the students of the selected few top colleges in the city, binding them across streams on to a common platform, to
identify the best male and female student Fresh Face of Pune. It is an inter-college & inter-city talent hunt.

The competition has received tremendous support across the nation. It provides an opportunity for the youth to showcase their talent and skills
and to be featured in The Times of India publications and website.

The competition is split into four phases – Auditions, Semi-Finals, Grooming and Grand Finale. The auditions phase will be held in the respective
college premises, based on which, two male and two female participants from each college would be chosen for semi-finals.

After the semi-finals, the chosen finalists will be put through a common personality grooming phase before they compete with each other in a grand
finale, and the final winner will be titled the Fresh Face of Pune.

 "Fresher's Party for MBA and PGDM Batch 2017 - 19" 


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Fresher’s Party for MBA and PGDM Batch 2017-19 was organized on Saturday, 9th September 2017, in Bansi Ratna Auditorium in the presence of Dr. Sanjay Chordiya,
Dean Academics. Students of PGDM and MBA as well as all the teaching staff of PGDM and MBA were present for the party.

Students participated in various management games. Students were asked to answer some questions and for correct answer they were given gifts. One small game
of communication was played. Students were paired in group of two and were asked to have conversation. They were asked to speak for five minutes about their
friend. Best pair was selected and given the prize. A game of treasure hunt was played by the students. A game of memory ability was played. This game was
introduced and directed by Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya Sir. Students were asked to remember the fruit names and call out fruit names serially.

Students participated in ramp walk. There were some dance performances. Some students presented themselves by singing a song. Prof. Khushali Oza,
Dr. Kirti Dang, Prof. Archana Lahoti and Prof. Sushant Chaterji judged and selected the best players for the Management Games, Ramp Walk as well as Best Dress
and Best Personality competition. Pranita Datey (MBA 1st year) and Kunal Sahani (PGDM 1st year) won the title of best dress. Best personality prize was won by
Anagha Chandran and Somnath Habib. Best talent prize was won by Kajol and Yash Arate.

Akshay Jain (MBA First Semester) and Ayushi Singh (PGDM First Semester) were selected as Mr. and Ms. Fresher respectively and were presented with awards
by Dr. Sanjay Chordiya, Dean Academics. The party ended with dinner.

"Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT) organised 6th Annual fashion show on 17th December, 2016 in
Bavdhan Campus with top models of India.Every year Suryadatta organises annual fashion show to showcase talent
of the students."




I.T. Proficiency & Continuous update is needed for accelerating and transforming the organization and for sustainable  development in global
market place says Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya.

IT Excellence Award

Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, asked Mr. Deepak Nathani, to give his valuable suggestion to students to go  the part-time jobs during their studies only. On this
Mr. Deepak Nathani stated that studies in school and college is not sufficient . so find the gaps work on projects / assignments. Its never late to start.

Prof. Sanjay B. Chordiya requested Mr. Nathani to visit Suryadatta for charging students. Mr. Nathani accepted the proposal very happily.

Mr. Kishor Wikhe, Senior Vice President Capgemini, Conferred with Suryadatta IT Excellence Award 2016. While sharing with Suryadatts Students he told journey
of IT from C, COBOL applications to current Cloud Technology.  And now we are in the Era where we (Customer) expect information on figure tips. Business is changing
drastically, world is changing very fast. So he advised to be prompted and updated.  While talking about the current scenario about IT companies, he told that no company
is ready to invest money on employee trainings so at student level only you have to update yourself with the help of online portals available and get certifications and add
values in your CV.

While advising faculty members of Suryadatta, he told that instead on bookish knowledge give them practical exposure through assignments. And told that there is no
standard formula for filling the gap between college learning and practical working in the companies.

Mr. Vinayak Pandit, MD, Pako India Conferred with Suryadatta IT Excellence Award 2016. He given very nice example of Tom and Jerry cartoons and suggested Suryadatta
Students to have passion like Jerry.

They had a student interaction session and these imminent I.T. Stalwarts shared their valuable inputs and congratulated Suryadatta Institutes for having a wonderful
campus, Infrastructure and for this Unique regularly organized Industry Institute Interface Initiative.

Suryadatta felicitated renowned women with Savitri Bai Jyotiba Phule award for excellence in their field of Social Work on the occasion of Opening
of new Academic session 2016-17

savitribai Phule

To acknowledge the woman empowerment and to salute the commitment and contribution of renowned Women from different walks of life for their passion in the
sphere of work chosen by them, Suryadatta Felicitated some of them on 23rd July 2016 with ‘Savitribai Jyotiba Phule’ Award at the hands of skydiver, Padmashri,
Ms. Shital Mahajan and an Indian actor, comedian, poet and writer Mr. Shailesh Lodha.

The Awardees were

Mrs. Maneesha Ghate (For Excellence in field of Social work ) : For helping to spread the IT Knowledge in the rural areas by donating 20,000 sets of Computers
and also helping students from drought affected area of Maharashtra by donating them school stationary on large basis.

BK Sarita Didi Rathi and her Mother Smt. Kamla ben Rathi (For Excellence in field of spirituality and meditation): For dedicating the life to spread the
peace and non-violence message of Brahma Kumari Organization through meditation and spiritual speeches. Sarita Didi is actively involved in all the Philanthropic
activities organized through Brahma Kumaris. At present she is giving her services from BK Centre at Mukund Nagar Pune,

Mrs. Sarla Bai Pruthviraj Dhoka (For Excellence in the field of eradication of evil practices ): for her struggle and fight to help for organizing marriages of young
ladies belonging to economically weak families of Jain community, eradication of dowry system, avoidance of flamboyant expenditures during the marriages,
encouraging mass marriages etc. Now she has extended this work for other communities as well.

Dr. Meena Naik & Mrs. Sujata Naik (For Excellence in the field of Medical Practices ): For their contribution in helping middle class patients with naturopathy and
customized medicines to solve the health issues. So far they have treated more than 1000 patients and cured them.

Savitribai Phule award is constituted by Suryadatta Group of Institutes in the memory of Late Smt Ratanbai Bansilar Chordiya: Mother of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya
as she had always dreamt of higher education of the girl students and was always concerned for the welfare of the women from the socially and economically weaker strata.

On this occasion Padmashri Ms. Shital Mahajan, the only female sky diver of India said that women perform much better and out do men in every field of work as they
are blessed as born multitasker. Discipline, Dedication and Determination of the women will always inspire the world.

Mr. Shailesh Lodha Contributed his entire success to his wife Mrs. Swati Lodha; the eminent educationalist without whom he said he could not have achieved even
fifty percent of what he has achieved today. While endorsing the views of Ms Shital Mahajan, he said given the opportunities, women prove their metal and even the
history is witness for it. There are examples of Maitri, Gargi, Zansi ki Rani, Ahilyabai Holkar Jiajamata, Indira Gabdhi, Kalpana Chawla and the list goes on.

Dr. Sanjay B Chordiya, Dean Academics fondly recalled the memories of his mother; late Ratanbai B. Chordiya who was his first teacher who taught him for being
concerned for the people who are less privileged. He proudly introduced his wife Mrs. Sushma B. Chordiya as a lady who firmly stood behind him for each step
he has taken in his life. The audience gave the standing ovation to all the awardees to express their gratitude to these ladies for spreading the light in dark lives of
numerous people in the society.


flick1  flick2

The first Film festival of Suryadatta College of Management, Information & Research Technology, conducted recently at its Bavdhan campus evoked good response from
budding film makers. SCMIRT conducts the courses of S.P. Pune University such as BSc.: Animation, BCA,MCA. BSc & MSc.CS etc. This film festival was organized by the
students of Animation degree program as a part of co-curriculum activities to bring out the potentials of short film making, and to give larger canvas to the creativity, of the
students who are interested in this field. More than 15 participants participated in the competition section of the festival, in the categories of Fiction, Non-fiction and Animation
films. The Chief Guest : Mr. Shravan Kumar; CEO Children Film Society, India and Central Board of Film Certification., during his inaugural address said that this festival is a must
event for the students who want to make career in film making profession which has become a huge industry due to advancement of technology and patronage of masses.
He gave the example of film Bahubali which created new records at box office due to aura created by ultra technical effects. He said students must take pains and do hard work
to master the techniques as well as polish their creativity to cater something new to the audience. He applauded the efforts of Suryadatta for providing a platform to the budding
film makers in this festival and said God only knows if one of the participants may follow the footprints of K Asif, B.R.Chopra , Ramesh Sippy or Sanjay Leela Bansali. He said he
can foresee about this Suryadatta Film Festival becoming a National event in next 2/3 years. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya; Chairman of Suryadatta Group of Institutes told the
participants and organizers that basic aim of the festival is to give exposure to new ideas , techniques, subjects etc and also to train the students on finer aspects of event
management of large magnitude. He told students not to suppress their creativity and potentials and appealed them to give outlet to it through opportunities which Suryadatta
is providing in multiple.

The tough task of screening and viewing all the films, evaluating them on different criteria and then judging best of it , was handled skillfully and competently by the panel of
Juries which included a well known film maker Mr. Vaibhav Thakre, Dr. Chinmay Kharade and Mr. Avdhut Mavle; Co-founders of Asun Media Pvt. Ltd. And Mr. Siddarth Kolte;
Animation Film Expert. The best part of the process was when the juries got involved in counseling with film makers and
discussing with them strong and weak points of the films presented in the festival. The juries were unanimous about the Suryadatta Film Festival’s gaining national stature
in near future. They praised the logo of the festival uniquely created by the organizers depicting a Clap boy standing on an old fashioned reel of the film, in Charley- Chaplin style.
 While the judges were busy in viewing the films the audience was kept engaged in computer gaming Zone by Suryadatta’s IT students through high level computer games and in
a 3 D Gallery which was instant hit among the audience.

Suryadatta Group coffered  Lifetime Achievement & National Awards for the year 2016” 

Foundation Day  Foundation Day1


Suryadattas first ever WREADATHON 2011 completes 24 hours with huge response

11 1 Overwhelmed by the response Mr. VVR Murty of Limca Book of Records declares to add event in 2012 edition of Limca
Book of Records 'Suryadatta 24 hours Silent WREADATHON - 2011' is a concerted effort to develop concentrated reading skills, stretch optimum level of one's mental,
spiritual and physical ability and boost up creativity and research capabilities

  • 24 hrs Reading, Writing, Learning, thinking, observing silence, for enlightenment, generation of new ideas, innovation and research. The participants maintained
    complete silence throughout their participation.

  • Time WREADATHON 2011: 19th November, 2011 9:00 a.m. to 20th November, 2011 9:00 a.m.

  • Limca Book of Records had endorsed this event, and their representative Mr. VVR Murty was present throughout this event to observe and monitor the entire event.

  • from 670 participants , 235 Participants stood till last ( i.e. for 24 Hours approx 50 females + 185 Males),from 18 Foreigners 2 girls stood till last, & Prize ceremony
    done with round of applause Winner Mr.Yogesh Chandre won the Prize of Rs. 10,000 on the basis of whatever material given to him by Suryadatta , he completed that
    successfully & got the winning position . Participants were from all Maharashtra,

  • Mr. V V R Murthy Marketing Manager, Limca Book of Records declared the following names ... at 9.40 am on 20th Nov 2011 for 24 Hours Silent Wreadathon 2011 held
    at Suryadatta Chandani Chowk Campus, Pune

  • Winner - Yogesh Chandre

  • 1st Runner up : Arun Gurule

  • 2nd Runner up : Harish Mane

  • 3rd Runner Up : Mr Pavan Kumar Nelluri

  • 4th Runner UP : MR. Swapnil Pote

  • The WREADATHON was inaugurated at the hands of Dr Niranjan Pandya, President of Poona Blind Men’s association in the presence of Founder President and Chairman,
    Prof. Dr. Sanjay Chordiya of Suryadatta Group of Institutes.

670 participants from across the state, registered for this event which included 200 Suryadatta students, 200 other students and 270 professionals. Among them also were many
foreign Nationals and few physically challenged participants. Entire event was monitored through 24 hours CC TV camera. Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, Founder president and
Chairman of Suryadatta Group was personally present for 24 Hours for overall monitoring and smooth execution of the event. Management Team Comprising of Prof. N.C.Sethia,
Mrs. Prema Mangudkar, Brig. (Retd.) V.S.Toley, MRs. Pallavi Lohokare and 60 volunteers worked for 24 hours at the venue. Mr. Kishan Sharma, a renowned comperer, did the
compering of the event for non stop 24 hours.

During the breaks taken at regular intervals as per schedule, there were guidance sessions by experts from various fields for 15 minutes. This enhanced the participants' eagerness
and energy to read, write, learn and think during the WREADATHON- 2011'. Suryadatta Group of Institutes conducted first ever 'Suryadatta 24 hours Silent WREADATHON -2011'
where participants befriended books and took a break from mobiles and laptops. In today's 'e-world' people hardly get time to read books, write, learn and for thinking. Due to fast
paced lifestyle and deluge of information from various sources, the attention span of today's youth has drastically gone down. 'Suryadatta 24 hours Silent WREADATHON - 2011 ' is
an earnest attempt to take the youth towards age old proven techniques for knowledge enhancement by reading, writing, thinking, reviewing and researching. Routine reading
expands our mind powers indefinitely.

According to our Founder President and Chairman, Prof. Dr. Sanjay Chordiya, "'Suryadatta 24 hours Silent WREADATHON -2011' is not just an unique project but should be a way
of life. 'Mounwrata' or maintaining silence helps us to conserve latent energy which can be channelized for enhancing one's overall knowledge base and personality".

  • The participants were provided with selected novels, biographies, study books, research papers, etc.

  • They also brought their own books, textbooks, novels, national or international journals or some decent reading material. They also wrote poems, draw sketches, research
    papers and case studies, preparation of checklists, Career Planning etc.

  • Among participant mainly there were students pursuing graduation, post graduation & above.

The participants also wrote letters to their near and dear ones, etc as the culture of writing letters is extinct. To encourage this, Suryadatta provided post cards and envelopes duly
affixed with postal stamps on it and made arrangements to post it on the same day itself. At the WREADATHON participants preferred reading Granth Dyaneshwari, Gurucharanmrut,
biographies of Shri Shivaji Maharaj. Many also studied the competitive exam UPSC and MPSC books.

Record of time-in and time-out of participants was maintained at the venue by volunteers and the participants who follow all the rules and regulations of 'Suryadatta 24 hours Silent
WREADATHON-2011 ' and those who participate for maximum hours, such first five participants will be felicitated at the end of the event. The winner, the 1st Runner-up, the 2nd
Runner-up, the 3rd Runner-up and the 4th Runner-up won the prize of Rs 10,000, Rs 8,000, Rs 5,000, Rs 3,000 and Rs 2,000 respectively. The winners were also awarded with a
certificate of excellence. There were also 5 consolation prizes awarded to participants.

During 'Suryadatta 24 hours Silent WREADATHON - 2011', arrangements for mineral water, tea, coffee, cold-drinks, snacks, lunch and dinner were made by Suryadatta Group of
Institutes at no cost. First Aid Medical facility and a team of doctors were made available throughout the event. And refreshing arrangements were made available to all participants.
To reduce the physical fatigue, the Institute has made different types of seating arrangements on Yoga mats, chairs with writing flap and benches in Swami Vivekananda Applied
Research and Incubation Centre of 10,000 sq ft area which comfortably accommodated over 600 participants. A complimentary kit of stationary, T-shirts, library card, Time Card
was given to each participant.

Unique Program on Patriotism

35 135 2

“A terrorist is just a terrorist. He does not have a religion”- M.S. Bitta, Chairman, All-India Anti Terrorist Front

  • ‘Suryadatta Veerata Puraskar 2012’ conferred upon Hon’ble Shri M.S. Bitta, Chairman, All-India Anti Terrorist Front during an unique program on “Patriotism”

  • Suryadatta Group arranged an unique program on “Patriotism” - an Inspirational talk on “Patriotism and Fighting against terrorism”  by Hon’ble Shri M.S. Bitta

  • Suryadatta felicitated the Veer Naari (war widows) and Veer Purush on this occasion

  • Members of faculty and students of the Suryadatta Group of Institutes performed unique theme based programmes on patriotism during this special programme

  • Day & Date: Saturday, March 17, 2012

  • Timings: 9.30 am to 12.30 pm at Suryadatta Group of Institutes’ Bavdhan Campus

Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, Founder President & Chairman, Suryadatta Education Foundation feels that, “Spreading awareness against the menace of terrorism has become
vital in today’s context. Suryadatta is always on Forefront of giving such food for thought to young managers pursuing education at Suryadatta.  This time also, Suryadatta has
invited one such luminary who is a Champion of upholding justice with great resolve and will. During the opening speech, Dr. Chordiya said that today shri Bittaji will share his
success stories and his thoughts on the topic of movement against terrorism amongst students & faculty members.”

Hon’ble Shri M.S. Bitta, Chairman, All-India Anti Terrorist Front is a true source of inspiration. Bullets and bombs do not scare him, having survived two near fatal attempts on
his life by terrorists. Only a soul of his resoluteness who has earned the name “Zinda Shaheed” could withstand such a tragic onslaught.

The program started by Hon’ble Shri M.S. Bitta showering rose petals on the statue of

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and paying his tribute to the great leader.

In his inspiring address at Suryadatta Hon’ble Shri M.S. Bitta said, “When terrorists attack places like Mumbai or Pune, they know that attack on these cities can paralyse whole
nation. Pune is the education hub while Mumbai is financial backbone of our country.  People come to these cities from all over the country for education and for earning their bread
and butter. Hence terror attack on these cities is an attack on whole nation”

He praised the young generation by saying that, “Youngsters today are definitely modern. They may prefer modern clothes or western music but that does not mean that they have
forgotten rich heritage of their country. They have adapted the changes with the time but also respect their nation at the same time.”

He also commented on the corrupt system in our country and how it is ruining the great sacrifice of our great freedom fighters. Mr Bitta feels that lack of policy makers will is the major
obstacle in fight against the terrorism. He praised various leaders of our country such as Balasaheb Thackeray, Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar for the remarkable work in their respective states.

Shri Bitta was overwhelmed by the honour conferred upon him by Suryadatta. He said, “Suryadatta is the only institute I have seen which is taking note of unsung heroes of the country.
Everywhere I see people invite giant leaders for various functions but here at Suryadatta ‘the Shaheeds’ and their family is being honoured. I congratulate Suryadatta for their great work
and request them to keep it up.”

Mr Bitta answered to the question of Suryadatta student with lot of enthusiasm in an interactive Question and Answer session. At the end of the ceremony, Mr Bitta gave oath to be united
for the battle against terrorism. The audiences present at the function were filled with pride and love for our beloved nation after taking the oath.

Veer Nari(War widows) felicitated at the occasion are; Rajeshwari Rane wife of Late Major R.R.Rane, Linata Tathwade wife of Late Major P.R.Tathawade, Laxmibai Dighe wife of Late Havaldar
shri Pralhad Dighe, Savita Barkul wife of Late Havaldar shri Shankar barkul, and vaishali Gole wife of Col. P.B.Gole . Suryadatta also lend a helping hand by providing these Veer Naris with
scholarship to their children for higher studies.

On the occasion, stalwart of Police department like Ms. Neelam Jadhav,  Sr.Police Inspector, Bhanupratap Barge, Sr Police Inspector and Shri Rajendra Bhamre, Assistant commissioner of
police (traffic) were also honoured.

All the recipients were overwhelmed while accepting this honour from Suryadatta. Veer Nari Linata Tathwade could not control her feelings while receiving the award. On behalf of all Veer
Naris who accepted the honor today, she said that it is a true recognition of my husbands sacrifice for the country.

Mr Bhanupratap Barge, Sr Police Inspector also expresses on behalf of police officers who were honoured today and thanked Suryadatta for giving him and opportunity to meet his all time
idol Shri M s Bitta.

Comperer for the event was Shri Kishan Sharma.  This event was held at Suryadatta Institutes State of the art Bavdhan Campus” Suryabhavan”. Students from different group institutes
displayed the posters, poems, quotes of different freedom fighters and their posters etc.. Tri color were also laid at Suryabhavan. Shri Bittaji appreciated this complimentary ambience created
at the campus on the occasion of special program on Patriotism.

In the afternoon session, a special entertainment musical eve of patriotic songs was arranged  by Suryadatta group.

Suryadatta Education Foundations Wreadathon continues in 2012 as a 9 such Wreadathon in an Academic Year.. i.e. one per month that of 9 hour each..

39 139 2 Centuries ago wise monks and Rushis meditated and lived in silence as they communicated
with their inner selves and grew from strength to strength. With today’s pressures and challenges in mind, the Suryadatta Education Foundation is giving their students an opportunity to de
stress by staying away from all forms of communication – electronic and verbal, to introspect, create and grow. In the process, the Suryadatta Education Foundation is taking its role as a shaper
of tomorrows citizens responsibly.

Prodded by the success of the 24 Hours Silent Wreadathon, 2011, endorsed by the prestigious Limca Book of Records, the Suradatta Education Foundation continues it in a different way this year.

The first of the series of 9 Wreadathon 2012, first session of “9 Hours Suryadatta Silent Wreadathon –Sept 2012” was held on 24th Sept, 2012. Essentially a competition for reading, writing, learning
and observing silence for nine continuous hours, it aimed at generation of new ideas, innovation, research and worked towards student enlightenment. Open to students of SIMMC & SIBMTit was held
from 9 am to 6 pm on September 24. Suryadatta Education Foundation has planned eight more Wreadathons (one each month) through this academic year.

Held as a holiday for laptops, mobile phones and a way to promote books, letter writing and meditation, it is an effort to promote reading skills, creativity and research capabilities besides
boosting spiritual, mental and physical capacities.

Participants needed to be physically fit, 19 years old or more and willing to maintain silence throughout the Wreadathon. They were allowed to bring their own books to read and study, encouraged
to write, make poems, draw or write research papers. A total of 200 including students & faculty members, researchers, businessmen, housewives, fellow scholars participated in the event.

To ensure that every participant was comfortable, seating arrangements such as yoga mats, chairs and benches were available at the venue. A certificate of participation was issued to all. Names
of students who complete all the 9 hour Wreadathons this year will be sent to the Limca Book of Records for their consideration.

Suryadatta Education Foundation is a leading national name in the field of Education for 14 years. Along with formal education Suryadatta Education Foundation, trains its students in truly unique
various social initiatives.

Suryadatta Group of Institutes is conducting first ever event Unfold the Blindfold for Hidden Potential to Blossom.

Suryadatta Students created a World Record.. Through Path breaking initiative – Unfold Hidden Potential Through Blindfold

30 students pledge to donate their eyes

Pune, 30th October, 2012: Suryadatta Group of Institutes path breaking personality transformation initiative, “Unfolding Hidden Potential Through Blindfold”
saw participation from 300 students. These students were divided into a team of 3 of which 2 were blindfolded and one without the blindfold acted as the guide
for the day.  After personally experiencing the challenges faced by a blind person, 30 students voluntarily came forward and pledged to donate their eyes.

Mr. Tonino Lamborghini, Chairman & MD Lamborghini Group & His Team Visited Suryadatta Group of Institutes for the event held on Global Symposium 

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